TA-100 Automatic Message Player

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The BellKeeperTM TA-100A is a schedule based automatic message/music player that plays MP3 files at scheduled times of the day through either an external power amplifier (such as a PA system) or, with the integrated telephone interface, a PBX phone system (paging function).

By using a simple text editor, the user can easily create playback schedules based on weekdays (e.g. one for Monday, one for Tuesday, one for Wednesday/Thursday/Friday...) as well as user defined holiday schedules (e.g. 1/1, 7/4...) overriding weekday schedules.

Message playback can be arranged in a number of ways, such as single file single play, single file multiple play, multiple files single play, and multiple files multiple play.

It is possible to play background music whenever the system is not playing audio. The background music can come from either an external source such as satellite radio, or a group of pre-recorded sound files stored on the SD card.

The system supports emergency message broadcasting by providing an external trigger input for emergency events such as fire alarm and safety alerts.

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