EM38air (60W Kit)

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The EM38air is an industrial MP3 player / audio repeater / message announcer with the following features:

  • CD sound quality
  • SD/SDHC card based
  • 15W/channel stereo output
  • 8 contact closure triggers
  • RS-232/RS-485 serial control
  • Wi-Fi TCP control
  • Remote content management

Typical Applications

  • Talking exhibits
  • Museum audio
  • Industrial control/automation
  • Equipment audio feedbacks
  • Warning/safety reminder
  • Vending machine verbal instructions

This kit includes the following items: 1 x EM38air, 1 x 60W power supply, 1 x SD card (2GB or bigger). Note: A flash card reader is required to copy files to the flash card.

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