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The EM2001A is an electronic sound box for coin operated kiddie rides. It can be used to add sound to a kiddie ride that has previously no sound, or replace a broken sound box in the ride. The installation is as easy as connecting the box to the same power source as the motor's, and the sound will play automatically for as long as the motor is running. The unit works with 110V AC power only. For other power options (220V AC, 12V DC...), please contact us directly. If your ride does not have a timer or the timer is broken, you should either add a timer or buy the EM2021C (sound box with integrated timer) instead.

Before purchasing this item, please go to the following link (http://www.eletech.com/Products/Kiddie_Ride_Boards/kiddie_ride_boards.htm) and pick a music/sound title for each unit. Enter the title name(s) in the Your Comment field at the last step of the ordering process. Each sound title contains a main sound and two short sound effects. The main sound is the one that will play and loop automatically. The two short sound effects can only be activated by fire buttons (if any) on the ride.

For more information, please visit our main web site at http://www.eletech.com.

Currently we are accepting online orders for delivery within the continental U.S. only. For orders to be delivered outside of the continental U.S. please contact us directly at info@eletech.com or 626-333-6394.

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