EM11A Halloween Prop/Decoration Controller

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The EM11A has one trigger input and two mechanical relay outputs. The relays are operated independently and time delayed with respect to the trigger. The relays can be programmed to toggle multiple times within a period of 2 minutes (or less) after the unit is triggered. The unit can also operate in a self-triggered mode and automatically repeat the animation continuously.

The controller can be taught to learn the animation with nothing but the unit itself. No PC is required for programming or operation. The animation is stored in non-volatile memory and can be re-programmed for thousands of times.

The relay outputs, each rated for 12A @ 120VAC and 10A @ 240VAC/28VDC, can switch heavy AC or DC loads such as lights, motors and solenoids. Unit cascading is possible for extended control. 

This item includes an EM11A controller and a 12V DC power supply.

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