EM51A Halloween Prop/Decoration Controller

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The AniMaster EM-51A is a prop controller with stereo MP3 audio, two solid-state DC drivers and one mechanical relay (AC/DC) for Halloween and other applications. Up to three external devices can be independently controlled in synchronization with the audio. Animation programming is done via the Teach-n-Learn(tm) scheme allowing up to 2 minutes of animation to be programmed into the unit by manually playing through the sequence once.

The animation can be triggered by a wide range of mechanisms such as floor mat, infrared sensor, micro-switch and etc. The system can be configured to start the animation immediately upon triggering, or delay for a preset amount of time. When not triggered the system can optionally play background music loop (ambient sound). Maximum audio power is 10W per channel (left & right). A line out is also available for feeding an external power amplifier when necessary. 

The system requires a power supply of 12VDC to 24VDC, with adequate current capacity to meet the output requirements. It's housed in an industrial grade metal enclosure with detachable terminal block for quick and easy installation.

This item includes an EM-51A and an SD/SDHC card (2GB or bigger). Power supply is not included.

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