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LineTalker DP-700 is a professional MP3 player suitable for music-on-hold and other applications. It automatically starts playing/looping audio files upon power-up as well as when power is restored after outage. Audio is typically routed to the caller via the MOH port of a phone system.

Superb Sound Quality
Don’t let its small size fool you. DP-700 is capable of playing MP3 files at the highest quality possible (320 kbps) while some competitors only support up to 128 kbps. Although 320 kbps is often an overkill for music-on-hold, it may be a preferred feature for other applications.

Multi-track Capability
Employing an external USB drive with up to 99 files, DP-700 can be set up to play either a single file or all files. A built-in speaker is provided for monitoring and trouble shooting purposes.

Ergonomic Design
Other than its superior sound quality, DP-700 stands out in the market with features such as built-in monitoring speaker, 110/220V auto-switching power supply, bright easy-to-read LED display, universal output impedance and stylish design.

This item includes a DP-700 player, a power supply, an audio patch cord, a mounting bracket (for optional wall mounting), and a USB drive. No music files are provided. For more info, please visit our main web site at www.eletech.com.

Currently we are accepting online orders for delivery within the continental U.S. only. For orders to be delivered outside of the continental U.S. please contact us directly at info@eletech.com or 626-333-6394.

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